Friday, November 21, 2008

A Toast to St. Julian's!

As a child growing up in Southwest Michigan, my family and I would occassionally visit St. Julian's Winery in Paw Paw. The original St. Julian's has been operating in Paw Paw since 1941 and is an amazing part of the cities culture. Today, St. Julian's provides five retail stores across Michigan in Paw Paw, Union Pier, Parma, Dundee, and Frankenmuth.

St. Julian Winery offers tours, tastings, and private label wines for events. They were kind enough to share some of their private label information with us. I love incorporating local flavors into weddings and St. Julian's is a wonderful option to serve at your wedding or even for your wedding favors! I love personalizing your favors and designing your own wine labels is a great way to thank your guests. Prices for their red wine starts as low as $86 for a case of personalized wine!


Name / Description

St. J Blush (Per bottle- $7.64, Per case- $91.68)
An interesting, pink, semi-dry, everyday wine.
If you like White Zinfandel, try this.

St. J Riesling (Per bottle- $8.99, Per case- $107.88)
This award winning Riesling features an intense
Mouthful of juicy tropical fruits centered around a
Core of mineral-scented, honey-kissed apricot and
Pineapple flavors. An utterly seamless, world-class

Simply Red (Per bottle- $7.19, Per case- $86.28)
Mingling layers of dark cherries, wild berries,
raspberries and plum. Bright and fruity with
a hint of sweetness.

Simply White (Per bottle- $7.19, Per case- $86.28)
A graceful balance of ripe, juicy peach, citrus
and melon with a silky texture. This white wine
bridges the gap between dry and sweet.

White Champagne (Per bottle-$10.79, Per case- $129.48)
Michigan’s Sesquicentennial Champagne which
is our original and most popular. Extra-dry, which is
actually semi-sweet in champagne terminology.

White Grape Juice (Alcohol Free) (Per bottle- $3.59, Per case- $43.08)
Sparkling Juice! Juices are plus deposit

Labels available on 750ml bottles only. 187ml bottles are not available for private labels.

Design & Set-Up Fees (this is one charge, not per case)

1 to 2 Cases $20.00
3 to 5 Cases $25.00
6 or more Cases $30.00 ***No extra charge for colors or logos.

If you're looking to incorporate "Michigan" into your wedding, look no further than St. Julian's Winery. It's a wonderful way to support local businesses, and guests will love the local flavor!

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