Saturday, November 15, 2008

Le'Penn Designs

Networking with Michigan vendors has really started to pay off, and I'm delighted to have connected with Le'Trice Penn of Le'Penn Designs, a Detroit-based invitation company. Her designs and products are trendy and beautiful and I am so happy to have discovered her! Follow her blog for great tips and ideas!

How did Le'Penn Designs get started?
Every time I get asked this question I have to laugh because my husband and I started the business right after we got married versus creating all of the stationery for our wedding, which would have been an ideal start to our business. I think with all the hustle and bustle of just trying to plan the wedding I didn't want to take on another major project. So, we officially started at the very end of 2006 when my husband, Charles, and I were discussing starting a new business venture and I thought invitations and stationery would be a perfect fit because I have always had a natural talent for design. I had created the flyers and website for my sorority {DST} in college and was always called upon by family and friends to create some type of invitation for them. Our first order officially came in January 2007 and the rest is history! I am amazed at how much the business is growing and I'm anxious to see where we end up 5 years from now. Our business is my absolute passion and it is something that I put all of my energy and creativity into. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing than designing fabulous paper for so many wonderful clients!

What is your favorite part about working in the wedding industry in Michigan?
First let me say that I love residing and working in Michigan because we have all 4 of the seasons. This is so great because we are able to work with couples that get married in each of the seasons, which gives us a larger variety of design styles. From a winter wonderland wedding using faux snow and a springtime wedding with beautiful butterfly a summer wedding with fan style programs...and ending with a fall wedding covered in fall foliage graphics. I'm smiling and excited right now just thinking about all the different ways we are able to custom design a wedding invitation from scratch that is unique and memorable to the clients and their guests. Along our journey in this business we have also had the pleasure of working with some wonderful wedding vendors. This is truly a state full of talented and hardworking individuals and I am so happy to be a part of it.

What is a piece of advice you would give Michigan brides when choosing their stationery?My first piece of advice to all of you lovely Michigan brides would be to decide exactly what you want your wedding invitations to "say" about your big day. I know there are brides that might feel like the invitations aren't important because they think guests are going to throw them away, but just consider looking at them as more than just a piece of paper. Your invitations are important as they set the tone for your event, so don't just settle for a piece of ivory cardstock with black blah is that? Instead try to figure out your budget in order to see what styles fit. You'd be surprised to find that custom invitations are very affordable and not much more expensive than the generic invitations you find in those "big 'ol books". The beauty of it all is that they will be designed just for YOU. Who wouldn't want something tailored to fit their style, personality, and theme? It's just up to you to let the paper "speak" to you!

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