Monday, February 9, 2009

Salutations Northville

As someone who has a huge love for stationery, connecting with Jess Gilbert of Salutations Northville was a true pleasure. She offers custom invitations, maps, card boxes,(and more!), and after browsing her website, I am in love with her products!

What sparked your love for working with stationery?
I have always had a passion for paper as far back as I can remember! When I was a little girl, I would love getting stationery and pens for my birthday. I actually have a drawer in my desk that has a box of stationery I received in elementary school, it was so pretty I couldn’t bare to write on it!

What is your favorite part about living in Michigan?
There are so many great things about Michigan, its so hard to pick one! I’m probably gonna have to go with the seasons on this one. I love watching the bulbs peek their way out of the ground when the warmer weather starts to come around, watching the grass turn from brown to bright green, taking a dip in the lake on a hot summer day, watching the leaves turn to such beautiful colors in the fall, and I may be on my own here but I LOVE a fresh snowfall in the winter. There is nothing like making a snowman or snow angel, watching the glee on your little one’s face as you pull them around the yard on a sled and coming inside to a nice cup of hot cocoa! Where else can you do all this?!!

What unique services do you offer?
If it goes on paper, I probably do it! Some of my favorites - I love custom printing envelopes with guests’ names and addresses that match the look and feel of each invitation, and I love designing seating charts. I had the opportunity last year to make custom wine bottle labels that served as escort cards which has been a big success. I’ve also been known to design monograms for gobo lights, out of town guest bags, etc. One of my favorite new items this year are boarding pass and passport invitations for destination weddings and circle menus!

What advice can you give couples when choosing their stationery?
Don’t let the word “custom” scare you away! A lot of people are under the misconception that custom means expensive! Many times you are able to have custom invitations for less than the invitations offered in the albums, and they are much more customized! You will love being involved throughout the design process. Look for someone who has experience and expertise.

What are some of your favorite current wedding trends?
Stationery specific – bold colors and patterns!
Non-stationery trend – vintage-inspired themes!

{All Photos courtesy of Salutations blog}

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