Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beauty in Birmingham

Take a trip to Birmingham for the day and you will find an adorable downtown filled with shops, restaurants, and gorgeous homes. You will also find photographer Ksenija Savic, a University of Michigan graduate and someone who has an incredible eye for beauty. Take a moment to browse her website or blog and you'll be fascinated by her work with weddings, families, and even make-up! Ksenija proves that Michigan has some incredible vendors across the state and her experience shines through her work and her life!

What should couples remember when choosing their photographer for their "big day"?
there are definitely so many things to think about, but the very first thing that came to my mind is to remember to choose someone who you connect & click with -- someone you would want around you all day long! it is definitely incredibly important to love their work & style first and foremost, however i feel that also loving their personality is a must!

What are some of your favorite elements of a wedding day to include in your photographs?
oh gosh! i .LOVE. capturing it all! from the biggest details to the smallest, to the moments you know will occur to the completely unrehearsed, candid moments that happen all throughout the day! i always say that although many weddings have many traditional moments or customs they follow, no two wedding stories are ever alike! from capturing a flower girl being embraced by a grandparent, to a powerful hug after a heartfelt toast, to a big boisterous smile during cocktail hour, to the way the groom witnesses his bride for the very first time... i have to say my favorite elements of a wedding day are all of them. with every wedding being unique to itself, you never know what to expect which is what makes it so beautiful & special.

Any pieces of advice for Michigan brides?
i think my biggest piece of advice is not to worry about the weather! i promise that no matter what, it will all work out!! for the most part, one of the biggest things that i have noticed is that when it rains in Michigan, it tends to only rain for a little bit at a time -- in fact, most days if it rains, it rains once & clears up completely! in general, there always seem to be some pockets where the rain ceases for at least a little bit. however, even with the rain, it is all part of your story, so therefore the photos will be that much more characteristic & fun!

the second thing that comes to mind is how dark it gets in the winter months. i would highly advise either planning your ceremony to be earlier in the day or to have a 'first sight' (where the bride & groom see each other before the ceremony), in order to take advantage of the delicious natural daylight!

When did you discover your love for photography?
to be honest, there wasn't a specific day that marks my passion for photography. i have always been an artist with pencil/crayon/pastel/clay/paintbrush in hand... so the minute i held a camera for the first time, i was in love. to be able to capture life & showcase its many wonders is a beautiful, beautiful thing. my camera is just an extension of how i see it through my eyes. :)

Thank you Ksenija for sharing your wisdom and beautiful photography with Wed Michigan!

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ksenija said...

thanks SO much for the incredibly sweet words & blog love. it is much appreciated! :)