Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mod4 Photographic

If you're a modern couple, and looking for a fresh way to document your engagement and big day, look no further than Ferndale-based Mod4 Photographic. Husband and wife duo, Nate and Jessica Canvasser create unique and modern images that reflect each couple's personality. Perhaps my favorite are the fun shots they can do of your best friend- your dog! Thank you, for sharing your work with Wed Michigan, Mod4!

What sparked your love for photography?
Nate grew up with a dad who loved photography as a hobby. They would often go on father son photo outings together. Nate still, to this day, has the very first photo he ever took! I, on the other hand, have a much less sweet story! I was 18 and needed a job. The Ritz at the mall was hiring and I knew the manager. So I took it. I mainly printed photos but also sold cameras. After being there a while and playing around with the all the cool toys, I decided to go to community college and take some photo classes. The rest is history!

What are some of your favorite things about living in Michigan?
Almost all of our family is here and that's really important to us. We love that the people here are so down to earth and real. I have also just learned that most other cities dont have cider mills! I cant imagine living without cider mills! What a tragedy!

Any piece of adviced for Michigan couples when choosing their photographer?
1. LOVE their work. 2. LOVE them. We are the one vendor who is always in close proximety to you the whole day. And we are the one vendor that doesn't go away after the wedding! It's so important that there is a "click" happening between us. When you can welcome your photographer to your wedding as a friend and a vendor, you'll be more comfortable and that will show in your images!

What has the most unique photography experience been for you (ie. client's request, where pictures were taken)?
We had the outrageous pleasure of photographing a wedding ceremony in the Book Cadillac Building BEFORE renovations had really even begun. It was killer! The building had just been gutted out. All of the windows were gone, you could seriously just hang out of the holes where windows would have been. There was no walls in some spots. No elevators. No Stairs. It was all gutted. It was on the second floor and everyone had to walk up scaffolding to get there. The contrast of the environment and this gorgeaous wedding was really special.

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