Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lucky Girl Weddings: Part One

Mary Brown, Owner of Lucky Girl Weddings in Grand Rapids, has had so much enthusiasm through the entire interview process on Wed Michigan, and it has truly been a pleasure getting to know her. Her energetic personality and passion for the wedding industry proves that she truly loves what she does! It has been so fun learning more about Lucky Girl Weddings, and Wed Michigan is delighted to share Mary's expertise!

What is your favorite part about living in Michigan?
My favorite part about living in Michigan is the changing seasons. Yes, winter always feels like it lasts forever, but those few warm days you get when its 50 degrees and everything melts make it worth it. Fall is my favorite with summer a close second. Another thing I love about Michigan is our lakes. We have so many and they are all unique. My husband and I have a boat and we love to be on the water. He is a huge wake boarder and I am a huge “sitter”. I just sit and look pretty. Well, as pretty as one can be with the wind and water in your face! Our wonderful state really stands out, not just on the map of the US but with its variety of activities and attractions. I am a proud Michigander and don’t think I will ever leave.

What are some of your favorite "current" wedding trends?
The cakes are becoming much more modern and artsy. It used to be that cakes were a necessity and you didn’t put a ton of thought into the shape, color, design, etc. Now, the cake can say as much about your wedding as your dress or color scheme does. One of my favorite cake shops in Michigan is Sweet Cakes Design, LLC in Grand Rapids.

What is your favorite venue in Michigan to plan a wedding?
I started my business a little over a year ago so going off of the venues my past brides have chosen I would say that for Grand Rapids the Amway Grand Plaza is my favorite. It is a fabulous hotel and the staff is 100% dedicated to servicing their clients. As for Michigan as a whole…I will have to report on this after my 2009 season as I have brides all over Michigan from Bay City to Grand Haven.

Any advice for Michigan brides when planning a wedding in the current economy?
Start with your absolute dream wedding not leaving a single thing out. Then go back and start to really think about what is necessary and what is not. Do you want some things because it’s the “in” thing to have or because that is your dream? Do you really need chair covers? Do you have to have bubbles? Which guests on your potential invite list have you not talked to in 5 years…do they really need to be there? After you start knocking things off your list your budget will dramatically decrease and you will feel so good you are guaranteed to find more items to cut. Just remember that your wedding is really about the holy union of you and your husband, the rest is extra. In a year hardly anyone will remember the cake, the flowers, the favors, or the meal…but almost everyone will remember the way they felt at your event. This means that you should focus your budget more on things that will create real lasting memories instead of two minute thrills. Example: Spend more on an amazing DJ and less on M&M’s with your face on them!

What is your most memorable wedding-planning moment/experience?
I will always remember my first wedding client and her wedding day. I met her in a unique way. I had my wedding reception at the Crowne Plaza. My contact there got to know me and after my reception learned that I started my wedding business and started referring clients to me. I booked a bride named Erika for 2009. A short while later Erika’s cousin, Samantha, booked with me sight unseen. She trusted her cousin’s judgment! It just so happened that Samantha’s wedding was before Erika’s. She was an amazing girl with a beautiful bi-cultural family. Working with her and her family and going through the whole process with my first official client was amazing. I learned a lot from her and from that experience. Thanks Sami!!!

Stay tuned an upcoming post which will feature details from Mary's real Michigan wedding!

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