Thursday, April 9, 2009

Michigan Videography

As my fiance and I start the planning for our May 2010 wedding, we've discovered some amazing vendors across Michigan. When we first began the planning process, we sat down and listed all of our priorities in order of importance. One thing we both agreed on being at the top of our list: videography.

I feel that videography is often overlooked and people don't make the effort to budget for it. For us, it is important to have something to watch with our children when we're older or even with our friends after the wedding is over. We've been researching some videographers from around the state and here are our favorites!


Epic Motion

Grand Rapids

Coastline Studios


Absolute Video + Multimedia

Michael Terri

Ream Enterprises

Although there are so many videographers in Michigan, these are the few that we've been focusing on. All of these videographers are very talented (as well as many others in Michigan!) and make you feel like you're watching a movie and not just a cheesy wedding video. I highly suggest taking the time to watch some of their sample work on their websites, and making a point to budget for a videographer. You'll be so happy that you didn't have your uncle or close friend running around with the camera all night (who knows what would end up on that video!).

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