Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shutterbooth Rocks!

This past weekend, our good friend was married in Metro Detroit and I was lucky enough to be a guest. It was such a wonderful surprise when we arrived at the reception and discovered that the bride and groom had included Shutterbooth as one of their vendors!

The Shutterbooth employees were extremely professional and fun. The photobooth capacity was anywhere from one person up to about ten people! We took turns taking several different photos and even got to keep a copy for ourselves. Shutterbooth also put together a wonderful scrapbook of all the pictures for the bride and groom!

I would highly recommend using Shutterbooth for your upcoming wedding. It was such a fun addition to an already amazing event!

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BREE said...

Shutterbooth DOES rock! We had Shutterbooth at our reception as a surprise for our guests. It was such a hit and people are still talking about it. We have such a wonderful scrapbook to remember to the great memories!