Thursday, May 14, 2009

DIY Cufflinks

If you haven't picked up your copy of the DIY Bride, put it on your to-do list this weekend. Author Khris Cochran filled her book with budget-friend wedding crafts for every wedding style + bride. I've marked every page in hope of trying each project! I attempted my first DIY Bride project this week: DIY cufflinks for our groomsmen. They were super easy and fun to make, and it just takes alittle bit of patience + a steady hand to create this adorable and personalized gift for your groom's friends!

I ordered the cufflink backing (also known as a "finding") + the bezel cup used to display the photo at Jan's Jewels as suggested by the DIY Bride. The bezel and the finding are 15mm in sterling silver.

{Photos courtesy of Jan's Jewels}

Using Microsoft Publisher, I chose the images I wanted to use and adjusted the size accordingly. In this case, I used a UofM "block M", the Detroit Lion, the Pistons logo, the Tigers "D", and the Red Wings logo (FYI: I researched copyright laws and since I am giving the cufflinks as gifts and not selling them, it is ok to use the logos).

I printed these out on heavy white cardstock and traced the bezel around each logo, cutting out each tiny circle to fit in the bezel. Using a regular glue stick, I adhered the circles to the bottom of each bezel. After laying all 6 pairs out on a flat surface, I mixed 1 oz. of clear craft resin as instructed on the bottle. Beware: the resin smell is VERY strong and I caution you to open windows and use a fan to ventilate the area. I poured just enough resin in each bezel so that it made a slight arch above the bezel to give it a "rounded" look.

The resin take 24 hours to dry so make sure it is in a well-ventilated area that won't be touched. After patiently waiting for each bezel to dry, I glued the bezel cup to the cufflink finding using a strong jewelery glue (in this case, Gorilla Glue which I purchased at Michaels). Because the cufflink needs to dry flat, I cut a hole in a box which allowed the finding to stay vertical which kept the bezel from sliding.

After a few hours of drying time, the bezel and cufflink finding were attached! I can't wait to give these to our groomsmen to say thank you in a very "Michigan" way!!!

Be sure to follow Khris Cochran (@diybride) on Twitter! Happy crafting from Wed Michigan!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea - you did a great job. What a unique gift!

WAC-Mom said...

Oh Lou! They are adorable. I love them!

Crystal said...

I cannot find the bezel cup for the life of me!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

I can't find the bezel cups either. I found something very similar, but in a gold tone on Jan's Jewels, but nothing in a silver tone like these. Does anyone have any advice on finding some?

Kavi said...

Very Polished looking. I like that very much. Recently I gifted my boy friend with a cool Titanium Cufflinks, which would resemble like this.

BlueBone said...

Thank you so much for the information on finding the bezel cups! I searched ALL over for the cups and couldn't get them for less than $65. Thank you soooo much the link! You saved my broke-bride-butt!

AshleyElizabeth said...

Thanks! I went to Jans Jewels and ordered some links Im excited to see how they turn out... shh its for christmas!