Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pro Tip: Shopping For Your Dream Dress!

Searching for your wedding gown should be a fun and stress-free experience. After all, it can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding! Tami Parks of September's Bride, was kind enough to share her dress shopping expertise with Wed Michigan, to help make the search for your dream gown easy and enjoyable!

Top Five Things To Remember While Dress Shopping

1. Plan your day. The anticipation of "wedding gown shopping" with friends or family is so fun! If you want to visit more than one shop, I highly recommend this schedule: Eat a healthy breakfast and visit two shops before a late lunch (plan about 1.5 hours at each stop), then eat lunch and visit your third store. Any more than this in a day and you will be exhausted and overwhelmed.

2. Wear the right undies. Believe me, we as gown consultants don't really want to see your thong any more than you want to show it to everyone in the fitting area. Not every gown will fit you just right and you'll want to be covered and comfortable. Wear boy shorts and a strapless bra. If you don't have a strapless bra, most shops will have clean ones that you can borrow. Along the same line, it's smart to wear your hair similiar to how you will wear it on your wedding day, up or down.

3. Know your budget. At a good bridal shop, your gown consultant will want an idea of the price range in which you are shopping. This is not so they can "upsell" you, it is so that they can show you the very best gowns for you in your range. Of course, you may find a steal of a deal or you may fall in love with a gown above your limit and make it work anyway; but, this should be your conscious decision.

4. Have an open mind and be honest. I say this to brides every day, "The gowns will look different on you than they do on the hanger." Try on several styles, colors, necklines, etc. If your gown consultant makes a suggestion, go ahead and try the gown on. Also, be honest to your consultant regarding what you like and dislike about each gown. This will help her narrow down the inventory and find the perfect gown for you.

5. Have fun! Play "dress-up". Go ahead and try on some fun veils and jewelry...this is your special shopping day!

And of course, Wed Michigan's Tip: shop at September's Bride!

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