Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two Penny Productions

I'm definitely slightly biased when it comes to this post, but I promise that you will NOT be disappointed! Livonia-based Two Penny Productions was an easy choice for us when hiring a videographer for our wedding. We spent weeks researching and talking to companies across the state, and although there are some very talented videographers in Michigan, nothing compared to how we felt when we found Two Penny.

Their videos are like works of art, and I find myself crying at almost every single one that they post. They know how to capture the true emotion of your wedding day and I cannot wait to see what they come up with for ours! A big thank you to Hyun Suh and Adam Haller of Two Penny Productions, for taking the time to share their passion of videography with Wed Michigan!

Adam & Andrea from Two Penny on Vimeo.

What unique videography services do you offer?
Our videography services are unique because we take a film-making approach to everything we shoot. In addition all of our videos are specifically made for each individual couple, ensuring that what we shoot captures the essence of the day!

How did you get started in videography?
It started back in film school, when we were working various projects and wedding film making started to fascinate us. We recognized the true potential of wedding film making as an art and the best way for us to be creative in the video industry.

Why is it important for a couple to consider hiring a videographer for their wedding day?
At Two Penny Productions, we strongly feel that a couple should hire a videographer because a wedding video lasts forever. We believe that video is the most powerful tool to tell a story. Our goal is that everytime our clients watch their video is that they can relive their wedding day over and over.

What wedding-day moments are your favorite to capture on video?
Adam- My favorite moments to capture at a wedding is during the morning. It is fun to see the excitement and anticipation in a couple just hours away from their ceremony.

Hyun- My favorite thing to capture is when the groom cries during the vows. I feel that when a man cries it is because they are overwhelmed with emotion and I love to capture an emotion that is so real.

What is your favorite part of living in Michigan?
Adam- My favorite part of Michigan is the changing seasons. When we are shooting weddings, the time of year can become a character in the video. It truly gives our work a Michigan feel to it.

Hyun- My favorite thing about Michigan is the great lakes. I love being around the water and their beauty is breathtaking.

Be sure to check out the Vimeo link on their website to see more of their recent work!

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Bridgette said...

Lindsey - Great highlight! Though I'm slightly biased as well!

I love Two Penny! And, I can't wait to see what they come up with for you two!